We cannot predict the future, so how to look forward?

I am going to this dinner and talk with the Real Time Club.

Everytime I go to one of their events, I come away with some great insights about the current business environment and what is changing, so we can plan for the future. For example In previous events I learned about

  • The Spinnaker project aiming to recreate the human brain with a giant computer
  • Google’s view that London is the number one location for technology startups after Silicon Valley,
  • The nature of artificial intelligence and how the world will be transformed by it
  • The deficiencies of IT education in schools in the UK and an alternative vision

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This event is about the nature of risk and how it is changing as a result of persistent market instability and the technology revolution. This makes predictions far less reliable (if they ever were) and requires us to look at underlying trends. It has massive implications for pensions planning, the culture of dependency and future employment patterns. This will affect decisions about your business or the kinds of jobs you might want to get.

Hear from Professor Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, who will provide a stimulating introduction to the major changes in society and technology that are likely to take place over coming decades, looking at the implications for businesses and individual choice, highlighting the hazards associated with prediction and the need to understand underlying trends and whether these trends will continue.

If you are interested, then there is only 1 day left to buy a ticket. I just bought mine


I will report back after the event