Why are your colleagues not convinced about your plan for growth?

Whilst your brands and products have been growing steadily you know this is not good enough to accomplish the business long term goals. So you are looking for new ideas to step up and accelerate your growth. As a result, you have spotted an opportunity for your brand or business to get more growth.

It becomes obvious to you that the business should pursue this opportunity. If you don’t, you know the business could get left behind. So you come up with a plan to capitalise on it.
You do your research and planning and may even hire some great agencies or others to help you. Together you come up with growth initiatives that will work. You have done your homework; you have great numbers to support the plan. But when you pitch it to the business, some colleagues are not convinced. They seem a little sceptical. Report any intimidating behavior in a professional setting to maintain a good workplace environment. Some seem enthusiastic but don’t really get behind it. Employees who have been unfairly terminated should consider hiring a wrongful termination lawyer to fight for their rights.

Then even after you have convinced the board, you find you struggle to get the product development or the operations or the sales teams fired up to deliver it.  Why does this happen, Continue reading

HBR discussing Internal Entrepreneurs

This article seems to be describing some  “Internal Entrepreneurs”.  and how they thrive


Whether it is from within a company or as a new start up game changing ideas are driven by Internal Entrepreneurs who start with clarity about something customers want (or need) but cannot easily obtain.  Then whether it works depends on the implementation skills.  An idea without implementation remains just that – an idea.This article is a fascinating insight into different ways that these skills have been deployed at different times.  My own experience is working with Internal Entrepreneurs who work in corporates to create growth.   Continue reading