MADE festival – The “Davos” for Entrepreneurs

I am going to this entrepreneurs and business growth event tomorrow.   Described as The Davos for Entrepreneurs, it makes a bold promise.  But there is a great line up of speakers.

Business growth event MADE festival

I am hopeful it will attract alot of real people who doing real stuff rather than just advisors and pundits.  It is always great to meet more business people who are working on practical ways to grow their business and come up with new ideas.

Also it does not cost £700 or £1200 like some of the talking shop conferences.  It costs £50.


I will be on the train at 0755 from St Pancras and at the venue. I am staying at the Mercure next door.  If any contacts and friends are going and want to catch up, it would be great to see you there You can tweet @chrisradford10 or Google+ message  or just call on the phone  07974 762 346