How much do you help your customers through the tyranny of choice?

BqTwo experiences in the last 24 hours have  prompted me to think about why less is often more.   What a relief it is when a supplier, manufacturer or retailer helps you to find your way through the amazing choice of products and services that confront us these days.

The first was when I was in B&Q today.  They offer a massive selection in the core home and building products, but have more limited choice in the Garden Centre area.  As some one with a limited appreciation of gardening and in search of quick convenient solutions, this proved to be a huge relief.  Their range was not just limited but very well selected to cover all the task and needs and presented in a way that made it easier to choose.  Three powerful attributes seemed to make the range work.

1.  Limited to a size I could survey and understand
2.  Covered all the tasks and needs so there was something to address each issue
3.  Merchandised by task and clearly explained how to choose.

I have to say my foray into the bathroom and kitchens section was more dazzling and confusing as the choice expanded.

These thoughts on choice were forcefully echoed by some consumers in research groups last night who when examining the array fo products available in the category we were exploring, made a straightforward and simple appeal.

Please simplify our choice, tell us what the product does for me, what type it is and put a window on the front so I can see what is inside.  All this other technical detail can go on the back.

I am sure that offering people manageable choices and helping them choose can be turned into a Power Attribute and can be used to differentiate your offer wherever you do business.

So could you do more to help your customers through the tyranny of choice?