Global Peace Day 21st September

Peace One DayToday is the Annual Day of Peace – Global Peace Day. It is recognised by every member state of the United Nations. I have been supporting this cause because I believe in the benefit of a securing a huge reduction in violence on one day.  This helps relief agencies move practical medical support and supplies to populations in war stricken areas

This post suggest ways you can support this

1. Spread the word. Please spread the word about Peace One Day today, to your friends, family and contacts. Our primary goal is to make everyone on the planet aware of Peace Day – today 21st September. The best way to do this is to share the link to the Peace One Day website so you and others can find out more: . The Twitter hashtag is #PeaceDay so please go social with this, if you do the social thing. Please feel free to forward this email to all of your own contacts as well

2. JOIN The Peace One day free live concert tonight, at Wembley Arena, over 10,000 people will be at the annual Peace One Day concert with Elton John, Jude Law, James Morrison, the Founder of Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley and many others. You can watch this from home, live, and for free, here:

3. FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Peace One Day may seem like a huge organisation, but like all Not-for-Profits, every penny counts. More funding allows more awareness and life-saving work to take place – lives are saved on this day. There are a number of ways to help Here are just a few:

Become a Patron of Peace One Day. Patrons work to assist with fund-raising for Peace One Day, and to raise awareness of Peace Day. If you would like to find out more about becoming a Peace One Day Patron, just PM me to start a conversation. It is an amazing group of like-minded people who have fun, do great work for Peace One Day and also get personal benefits from being a Patron.

Buy something from the Peace One Day shop – there are films, T-shirts from top designers, baby-grows for kids, education resources, cards and posters, books and lots more besides. After product costs, all proceeds go to Peace One Day –

You can make a donation here –   and this what it can do:

  • £5 pays for us to run our digital platform for one hour, sharing the message of Peace Day around the world.
  • £10 allows us to send the DVD “The Day After Peace” to an organisation for a special Peace Day screening to inspire people to make a difference.
  • £20 keeps one of our staff coordinating commitments to life saving activities for an hour including associated running costs.
  • £30 will enable us organise a football match in a community to bring people together through sport to commemorate Peace Day
  • £40 means that Peace One Day will be able to produce, distribute & implement our Education Resource and film on citizenship and conflict resolution to a school for free.
  • £120 (or a monthly donation of £10 for a year) pays travel costs for one of our volunteers for a month.
  • £600 (or a monthly donation of £50 for a year) will pay for Peace One Day to film for a day, enabling us to use film to make history.

A massive thank you for reading this post

Have a great Peace Day!!!