Better Strategy

This is now the title of our ezines.  We have also included this phrase in our logo because we believe it more accurately describes the best work we do for our clients.  This thought came about when I was reading a book by Richard Rumelt called Good Strategy/Bad Strategy – The difference and why it matters.  He really brought home some simple truths about strategy and helped us focus on why the search for competitive advantage is pivotal to creating successful strategy.  If you haven’t read it.  Just click on the image to go straight to Amazon and order the book or the Kindle version.

Reading this book reminded me that for us strategy is not about visions, goals and aspirations.  Some strategy work can get confused with the company mission and goal setting.  For us better strategy is about creating a plan of action (which is designed to achieve specific goals).  So we included the definition in the blue circle below as an image on our new website as a valuable reminder to us.
We have also updated our short paper to describe how you can discover your competitive advantage and develop A Plan of Action that is designed to achieve your goals.  This is called The Growth Game.  We use a metaphor of seeking competitive advantage in sport and show how this translates into business decision making on growth strategy.  If you have not had a chance to read it, you can download it by signing up here