My Pitch

Differentiate brand strategy consultants

This PITCH explains what I am about right now with Differentiate Strategy Consultants.  It follows the PITCH architecture as advocated by Mike Harris

The Differentiate Pitch

Differentiate are strategy consultants. We answer a critical business question for CEO’s and marketers. “What problems are customers most interested in you solving for them?” This enables us to create growth strategies that everyone are convinced will work.

Differentiate is a team comprising ex-marketing and managing directors from blue chip firms like PepsiCo, Mars, Scotts and Unilever. Differentiate created the chocolate brand Celebrations for Mars, helped turn Galaxy into the chocolate brand leader in the Middle East. We helped Scotts turn Miracle Gro from a small fertiliser product into a big brand that does everything around the garden. Recently we have also helped top end B2B clients get growth in catering, technology, insurance, law and recruitment markets.

We find CEO’s and marketers are grappling with two big problems when looking to attract customers.

  1.  Conventional wisdom says that it is cheaper to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones. The best marketers know this is not enough, no business has ever grown without attracting more customers. But reaching out to more customers costs money. So the first problem is how to convince everyone your ideas and growth strategies will work so you can get the investment.
  2. Another problem is that marketers have lots of insight about customers but struggle to get clarity about what matters and work out how to make good use of it. This is often because they are not asking the right questions or missing the right tools. As a result, they do not know exactly why customers buy from them. Knowing this is critical to finding the most effective ways to attract more customers.

We have a five step Differentiate programme that starts by answering the question “What problems are your customers most interested in you solving for them?”. The process uses customer research, analytics and workshops. We harness data and insight to get credibility and engage teams so they are convinced the plans will work.  One of the things we find out is exactly why people do or don’t buy your products.

We are known for translating insights into products and services that people love. We leave our customers feeling convinced the plan will work.

What I am looking for right now are introductions to CEO’s and Marketing Directors whose businesses have been successful but things have slowed down.  They are ambitious for growth but lack clarity about the best way to attract more clients and get back into growth.

We work best with established businesses >£25m+ turnover.  Or young ambitious businesses >£5m+