Is PJ losing share because it lost the power attribute?


Marketing reported this week that PJ Smoothies have continued to lose share against Innocent. See news report.  The report states that this has happened despite a major revamp to the pack design.

So why is this?  PJ smoothies were the first into the category, they now have the marketing and distribution power of PepsiCo, a range of great tasting products and some attractive new designs.

Innocent have also suffered some adverse publicity in recent months for making excessive health claims about their products.

I suspect the answer lies in the observation that Innocent have commandeered the Power Attribute in the category whilst PJ’s seem to have neglected it.

Innocent have made a big play on the fact that they are just crushed fruit and nothing else, whereas a quick study of PJ’s bottle reveals fruit juices and concentrates.  This affects both taste and authenticity.  When you combine this relative weakness with the fact that many food service outlets will only stock one brand, it becomes it hard for PJ’s to make headway.

This would need a consumer led view of what is important in smoothies to validate it.  But the hypothesis illustrates an important point about understanding Power Attributes so you can ensure your brand is competitive.

I remain astonished at how much discussion takes place in the marketing press about packaging and advertising and how little on whether the fundamental proposition is less attractive or uncompetitive.