HBR discussing Internal Entrepreneurs

This article seems to be describing some  “Internal Entrepreneurs”.  and how they thrive


Whether it is from within a company or as a new start up game changing ideas are driven by Internal Entrepreneurs who start with clarity about something customers want (or need) but cannot easily obtain.  Then whether it works depends on the implementation skills.  An idea without implementation remains just that – an idea.This article is a fascinating insight into different ways that these skills have been deployed at different times.  My own experience is working with Internal Entrepreneurs who work in corporates to create growth.   What I have noticed is that these people who are  great at triggering transformational changes and drive growth often do not fit the normal mode of the successful executive.

Corporates work because many executives “play the game” and ensure the business operates effectively and hits targets through operations, sales and marketing activities.  One of the important skills of the successful executive is the ability to convince the whole business tream about what will work and what needs to happen and to always make sure the business hits target.  These executives can be accused of “playing the game” and climbing the greasy pole to the top.  They may never create transformational change, but they are essential to the effective operation of the business.  Operating like this can build you a great career.

But big growth comes from executives who sit outside this mode of operation and really want to make a difference.  I call these players “Internal Entrepreneurs” They see an opportunity and will move all their creative and communication skills to get the business to respond.  They may ruffle some feathers.  These executives need senior team supporters (or need to be the boss) or they will be knocked down.

Your article provides some interesting case studies.  Thank you