Getting beyond “drivel” about brand building?

I just got this in my inbox from Drayton Bird  He does not use my style, but his language is clear and easy to follow.People talk a lot of drivel about brand-building.

British Gas (who supply my electricity!!) and with whom I have spent hours going from one department to another because they are badly organised just sent me what they think is a letter.
It summarised my past year’s bill, and said I have paid nothing and owe nothing.

The first part is 100% not true.

The poor copywriter was obviously told by some “planner” to drag in their fatuous boast “looking after your world”. For the life of me I can’t see how this makes sense. The army could say it more credibly. Good slogans say something nobody else could say.Anyhow, they said this summary was just another way they are looking after my world.

No it isn’t.

I just remembered how much they charge – and how much of my time they’ve wasted.

No doubt this was intended to “reinforce their brand values”.

Building brands starts with what you do, not what you say.

The bit that we believe most strongly is the last phrase   Building brands starts with what you do, not what you say.  Was a thought for the day really