Being more effective is not at the expense of people

I just had an exchange on Google+ with Penny Power which reminded me that being effective does not have to be at the expense of people.  In fact if you “think smart”, then effectiveness works to help people not put them out of work.

Digital Youth AcademyBack in June I had the good fortune to meet Penny who I discovered has had a great idea and is turning it into reality.  She has launched the Digital Youth Academy which is creating apprenticeship opportunities for young people to deploy their digital intuition and experience to both get a job and learn about the world of work whilst at the same time they help small businesses be more effective at marketing themselves.

Possibly it is better if I let Penny explain!

“There are times in economic history when innovation and creativity combine to advance and progress society. We are now facing a period in history when two generations can meet and together create the most incredible shift in society and business.” – 

Around us we hear two serious challenges facing us:  

  1. Challenges in the growth of the economy and earning of individuals and companies
  2. A growing lack of jobs and opportunities for the most critical generation, our young people.

Digital Youth AcademyThe Digital Youth Academy is bringing together two groups of people in an initiative which will combine skills to grow their futures.



What is really great about this is that this initiative appeals to both the “help people” instinct and the lets “be more effective” instinct.  So for me it is a sure fire winner.  Penny explains it in this video.