2020. A year that changed us or a year that revealed our true selves?

It is New Year’s Eve as I write this and there is no party this evening, so I started reflecting on the year before I move on to plan for 2021. A few thoughts came to mind

Time to move on

2020 was the year I resolved to move on from my strong preference for Britain to remain in the EU. The 2019 election and Withdrawal Agreement really decided it. The recent Brexit trade deal concluded it. One of my big reasons for Remain was that the disruption was not worth an uncertain benefit and certainly not for a future that might be worse. But now we have done it. We must make it work. The EU will move on without us and probably in a direction we would find difficult. There are opportunities and the disruption of trying to reverse the process could destroy the country.

Never ever give up

Now might seem to run counter to what I just said about Remain. However, the inspiration for this comes from my work with Anna Maxwell and the new pharmaceutical company www.maxwellia.com. Anna and the team have had countless challenges thrown at them by potential investors, the potential for lack of funds, the regulator, potential competitors, yet Maxwellia has ended the year in a much stronger position and poised for a groundbreaking new product launch in women’s health. Most people would have given up. Not Anna. Congratulations. The investors and the team believe in Maxwellia because of this determination.

With reference to my points about Remain, I am not giving up, I am moving on to what is best for the time being.

Is there a new normal?

In many ways there clearly is a new normal, we are wearing masks, we have been conditioned to avoid close physical contact, we have had to get used to much less social contact (absolutely none on New Years Eve!). But has this changed us as people. Has it changed what drives us? Many say things will never be the same again. I am not so sure about that. What we have seen through the pandemic and Brexit that the products, services and ideas that flourish are those that solve a problem for people. This is Attractive Thinking and this is how it works. Read about it in my book click here

My own self catering business flourished once the restrictions were removed. People had been cooped up and they were desparate to get away from their four walls and go somewhere else. We had a product that solved that problem. Look around you at the businesses that are doing well. They have understood what their customers’ problem is and they found a new way to solve it. In our case, it was offering flexible cancellation policies that did it.

Speak out for what you think and believe

Not getting out as much has given time for some other things and I found the confidence to say things as I believe them to be. This is nerve-wracking since people may not agree with or may not like it. But I have been astonished at how many people do want to listen and do support things as well as disagree sometimes. I stuck my neck out at Kingston Rowing Club on safety matters. They retaliated and made me safety advisor. Which has been challenging fun and frustrating. But speaking out has made it easier for people to follow, to debate, to challenge, to comply and support the club. I also launched a new Podcast on risk management called Safety is Freedom. Safety is Freedom defines an attitude and an approach to risk management. The podcast explores the subject of risk management and decision making through the experiences of successful people in adventure sports, business, finance, medicine, healthcare, military, aviation etc. Safety and Freedom are mostly seen as opposites, but is that right? Find the podcast click here

Ironically I have not done much posting on this blog, but maybe I can change that for 2021

Now I am going back to the first thought. Time to Move on. 2021 beckons. I might hazard a few predictions in the next post.

Happy New Year