PINPOINT your customers problem … and why?

Have you noticed that you only get your credit card out to buy something when you have a problem you need to solve? You don’t buy something just because you like it, or because you think it is clever or beautiful.

Funnily enough, your customers behave in the same way. People only spend money when they see something that helps them solve a problem. Only once they realise they have a problem they need to solve do they choose the one they like or think is cleaver or beautiful.

So as a business leader you need to understand the customer’s problem that your product or service will solve. You need to create this insight first before you work on designing a product or service that will wow your customers.

Our PINPOINT programme will help you discover which customer problems your business is best equipped to solve. And we also work on which customers you are best equipped to help. The PINPOINT programme details are on this webpage

on 22nd April, we held a Google Hangout on Air to explain and introduce these ideas. You can watch the recording here.

PINPOINT your customers problem

The next event is on Tuesday 30th April at 4pm and is the more detailed preparation for the PINPOINT workshop on 14th May. If you are coming to the workshop day, you can use this to prepare. It really makes a big difference if you do this.

If you are not sure about coming to the workshop day, but are interested in these ideas, you can use the preparation webinar event to help you think in more detail about which customer problems your business solves and see if the rest of the (EGL) Effective Growth leaders approach is for you.

But following the quality issues with Google Hangout, I am planning to use different technology for the next event. This will be on gotowebinar. Thismeans you need to register to get onto the webinar.

You can register now or do it 10 minutes before the start of the event. here is the registration link for access to the webinar.