5 more assumptions that could limit your growth

Last week we wrote about assumptions that could limit your growth prospects. 
Today, I noticed that Marketing Magazine published 5 more possible misconceptions or myths about how consumers behave in the recessionary economy
Myth one: People turn to drinking at home in recessionary times
Myth two: Women still buy lipstick as an affordable treat
Myth three: All charities will suffer from declining donations
Myth four: Shoppers will abandon brands for own-label products
Myth five: Staying in is the new going out
You can see the explanation on their blog post here
"One of the most expensive habits you can adopt in a business is to assume you understand something that is fundamental to your success"
We have published a short paper on the nine assumptions that we think could limit your growth prospects.  If you did not get the chance to read this last week.  then here is another chance to download our short paper on this.
click here to download the paper  – Nine Assumptions
Perhaps you have made some assumptions that you later regretted.  If you can let us know what they were, we would be really pleased to hear them.  Post them in the comments on our blog or send them to us by email